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In 2005 southparc. started as a branding agency and realized projects for DSM and Philips, among others. We enjoyed doing this for years but times change, and so did southparc. With the rise of Google Ads and increasing online advertising, southparc. has gained a 'second name', digital.

We started providing AI optimization software (for Google Adwords) to end-users back in 2015, and soon we were getting questions from other agencies about this software. SO we discovered that our knowledge of agencies and AI software presented a unique opportunity: Helping experts implement AI software.

Close relationships with our software vendors allow us to provide the right service to our customers and even improve the software or provide customization where needed.

We are now 14 people in the different markets (Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Japan) spread across the AdScale, m19 and Longtail UX brands and most recently MerchantSpring. Development happens in Tel Aviv, Paris and Sydney where about 35 developers work hard every day to improve the software.

With AdScale, we help medium-sized shops optimize and automate their online advertising.
With m19, we help PPC managers on Amazon.
WithLongtailUX, we bring Big Retail measurable SEO revenue.

And you do the analysis of all channels with MerchantSpring.


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