southparc. introduces:

Nuovolo data connector

A data connection to your own data environment.

The Nuovolo Data Connector provides streamlined integration between more than 125 e-commerce channels and diverse data environments. It facilitates real-time, secure data transfer, optimizes operational efficiency and strengthens data-driven decision-making through a holistic view of online performance, orders,ads and inventory management.

custom setup

We link to any environment within days provided it has a well-documented API.

extensive data

Practically all data available on 125 platforms can be transferred to your data warehouse or lake.

 4-hour updates

Depending on requirements, new data is available within 4 hours or at longer intervals - up to 2 years back.

no hassle

We take care of upgrades and maintenance, connecting new channels and security.

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Data implementations are fast, easy and always deliver greater insight.
Because all information is on one platform, no other links are needed and all data is immediately usable.

Integration is possible in more or less structured way and can be refreshed at any time period up to 4 hours.

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