Marketplace analytics and brand reporting for agencies, sellers, vendors and investors.

Streamline your brand management activities and customer services

Accelerate your team's success with faster, more accurate insights that drive sales and profits.


Integrate more than
120 e-commerce marketplaces
and advertising channels

View sales, traffic,
conversion, price
and inventory insights
for your entire portfolio

Connect quickly. No configuration or additional visualization software required

Eliminate manual
reporting and analysis and
save weekly hours

7 interconnected modules =
comprehensive multi-channel marketplace analysis


  • Identify consumer behavior at the channel and individual SKU level.
  • Measure the positive impact of content optimization.
  • Assess trends on daily granularity.


  • View sales by brand, category or individual product level.
  • Configure custom product groups.
  • Review relationships between operational constraints and sales velocity.


  • Instant access to your profit and loss statements.
  • Identify loss-making prodcuts and understand why.
  • Upload your expenses.


  • Follow and understand what your vendor wants.
  • Automate salesperson and product reviews.
  • Manage the risks of sold-out products to avoid lost sales.


  • Link your advertising channels, including your shop and amazon DSP.
  • Evaluate performance with our comprehensive set of built-in statistics.
  • Compare performance over longer periods of time.


  • Track the profit percentage of your buybox in real time.
  • Understand your price and matter performance relative to the competition.
  • Resolve problems oand suppressions about the quality of entries.


  • Receive real-time notifications so you can make quick decisions.
  • Ignore possible negative effects on your performance.

Intuitive, fully customizable analytics platform designed for agcenies, investors, vendors and sellers.


Manage operations outside of Amazon

Connect Amazon vendor, seller, walmart, Shopify, eBay, Bol. and more. MerchantSpring can be connected to more than 120 e-commerce, marketplaces and advertising channels. We enable portfolio analysis for multiple countries, currencies and platforms.

Configure and schedule accurate statistics

Create highly customized reports with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to your manual reporting cycle at the end of the month. Complete report generation ven delivery within minutes with time-saving drag-and-drop features.


Take brands to the next level with comprehensive white-labeling

Manage the platform with your Amazon agency or a business associate from a marketplace agency. Customer domains, brand style and custom layouts all work together to make it look like you built it yourself.

Update stakeholder in real time via multi-user access

Implement a client access portal on your domain. Create brand logins for your team. Our flexible access framework accommodates different roles and access levels for clients and colleagues.


Unparalleled capabilities in enterprise-level reporting


E-commerce platforms linked in seconds


Vendor accounts connected

4 hours saved

Per account manager each week


Data points renewed


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