southparc. introduces:


A super-advanced machine learning engine for Amazon.

m19 is the answer to Amazon ads. With a few clicks, it connects to Amazon. Set your goal, add the ASINs and m19 starts working.

Machine learning takes over and the setup is expanded with keywords, competing products are analyzed and campaigns are set up. Bids, budgets and campaign structure are then continuously optimized. Expect 20-55% more results.

1 minute setup

m19 makes advertising easy. Enter the ASINs and ACOS target for the campaign.

Achieving and retaining ACOS

4 different AI processes automatically launch, scale, optimize and drive campaigns on ACOS.

global sales

m19 manages ads from all markets in one central dashboard, together and separately.

beating the competition

m19 gets the absolute most out of every account, better than any other system, guaranteed.


Auto setup

Better setup and setup optimization

Fully atomized
Very fine mesh
Keyword research
Find similar products
With options for manual

Set up campaigns in no time, with a keyword granularity that no one can achieve manually (on average, the m19 AI finds 8 times more keywords than humans).

In addition, each ASIN/keyword pair is checked individually, every day, and campaign setup gets better and better. For experts, we have advanced options to manipulate settings or targets.


PPC management

The Core - revolutionary AI-based PPC optimization

Data Research
Forecasting and competition
AB testing and improvement

m19 collects all relevant data and makes countless decisions each day. Examples include: changing bids, adding negatives, adjusting budgets and even adjusting campaign structure. So you save 80% of your time while getting the lowest CPC, the highest revenue and usually 25 to 55% more results.

Product 360

A comprehensive and dynamic display

Product event timeline
Sales trend analysis

Advertising trend analysis

Understand how external events affect product sales. Product 360 provides insight into sales trends, which helps identify patterns, seasonal variations and overall sales growth or decline. Track metrics in real time to assess the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.


Want better results on Amazon?

Call for an orientation meeting

m19 implementations are super fast, easy and always deliver a positive ROAS.
Because all information is on one platform, no other links are needed and all data is directly usable.
There is already a free version and the full version is available for € 400,- then you have the most advanced set up, optimization, BI and strategy tool of today.

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