The top 15 price monitoring tools for E-Commerce in 2022

E-commerce price monitoring software is a technology that allows merchants and companies to keep an eye on competitive price changes. It allows you to get up-to-date information on your rivals' input costs, offers, inventory levels and other details that you can use to adjust your pricing strategy. This software can be a great help in monitoring your company's pricing strategy, analyzing prices across different channels. This comprehensive tool examines price changes in e-commerce stores, markets, and other sites.

Establishing a strong pricing plan for your bned company is one of the main goals of e-commerce price monitoring tools. This means that you should be able to set prices that are responsive to the current market scenario while being fair to your competitors' goods. AdScale gives you the best 15 e-commerce price monitoring tools to help you choose the best option.

How does price monitoring help in e-commerce?

Market prices are determined by competition, because the more demand there is for a product, the more the buyer will spend and the more money a business will make. The key to growing your e-commerce business is to outperform your competition, and one way to do this is to look at the prices they charge. In addition, companies must keep a keen eye on their rivals' pricing strategies when setting prices to create a competitive advantage. 

Even a medium-sized online business will struggle to keep pace with all of its competitors' prices across a wide range of products. This is where e-commerce price checking tools come into their own. Without taking into account the other features of the software, it allows you to evaluate to what extent your goods are competing and how competitor price-related activities are affecting your revenue.

The best price monitoring plan for retail should meet three important points:

When it comes to price monitoring, you should be able to get useful information when you need it.

The data you obtain through price monitoring must be accurate and reliable.

Set goals for how you want price monitoring to translate into additional market share, revenue, or other key business outcomes.

What are the Top 15 Price Monitoring Tools?

Any e-commerce price monitoring tool can monitor price variations between rivals in real time, and presenting this information to you in a way that is simple and easy to understand should be a key feature. It should also be able to track competitor inventory movements, products that are in and out of stock, and product demand. The best price checking solution should have advanced matching capabilities with a high degree of accuracy for exact product and price comparison.


Price2Spy is an e-commerce price monitoring tool for small and large online retailers. The system includes capabilities for tracking, monitoring and analyzing rival prices. The platform offers the following services:

Access to pricing information, as well as a variety of reporting options for data analysis

ability to see data on how each competitor's pricing has changed over time

access to the most current price and stock changes

Access daily price adjustment messages sent directly to your mailbox.

The price monitoring tool works with various e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, etc. It has a variety of price choices depending on the number of 'Product URLs' to be tracked in an account and the features the customer wants.


Minderest is great for those who want to do competitive analysis, especially when comparing their items and prices to those on Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping. Minderest allows you to review your competitors and keep track of their prices, offers, promotions, and items in general. The platform offers the following services:

Tracking the competition and their various prices, promotions;

examining the essential items that compete with yours;

Managing many stores at once;

extensive price research;

Optimization of strategies and pricing;

profit analysis.

Because Minderest is one of the few e-commerce price monitoring solutions you can try for free, you can test how the software works and whether or not it meets your commercial needs.


Prisync helps you to increase your sales and profit margins by revealing your competitors' prices and strategies. All your reported prices of rival products and relevant stock data are collected by this competitor price tracking software in one easy to use dashboard. The platform offers the following services:

No need for interaction or specialized configuration;

Access to current price data from the market;

automatically adjust your pricing in response to competition and increase your profit margins;

Numerous reporting capabilities to track overall pricing performance or analysis at the brand and category level.

This tool is highly regarded, and one of its main advantages is its 24/7 customer support. 

Omnia Retail

Omnia Retail gives retailers the power to automate their pricing, understand how much they can profitably grow with this automation, and much more. The enterprise-ready software makes it easy for teams to manage pricing without the need for IT. The platform offers the following services:

every product in your selection is tracked, and you get multiple daily updates;

Data on competitive prices and market trends are immediately available;

price schemes can be implemented with complete flexibility and freedom;

end-to-end automation;

Combine market knowledge with data from within the company.

Using the key aspects of this project, users can save up to ten hours of tedious manual work each week. With Omnia Retail, you will be able to offer your customers the best prices and marketing offers and update them constantly.


Skuuudle is an e-commerce competitor price tracking tool that allows customers to study and track competitor prices in both domestic and foreign markets, enabling them to adjust their product pricing in response to market developments. The platform offers the following services:

compliance management;

cost analysis;

catalog of products; 

promotion management; 

trend analysis;

analytical visualization; 

intelligence for business. 

Skuuudle provides price monitor data, competitive intelligence and consulting services to companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.


Repricer is a multichannel repricing system that uses rules and algorithms to adjust the price of merchandise in real time, allowing companies to optimize revenue while reducing labor costs. The platform offers the following services:

A 360-degree perspective on your sales performance, so you're guaranteed never to sell at a loss;

flexibility to automatically adjust your rates based on these and hundreds of other criteria;

examine the proportion of your articles that overlap with those of your competitors.

Repricer is a tool to monitor the prices of e-commerce competitors, which also increases your profit margins by adjusting your prices upward when the competitive environment allows, and ensures that you sell at the highest price possible.


Skulogy keeps an eye on competitors' prices by using the websites' search tools to look for identical items. The platform offers the following services:

price and stock count;

email or SMS alerts;

The ability to look things up on your own;

repricing is done automatically through an API;

data import and export estimation of rivals' sales.

Skulogy price tiers come with a 14-day free trial. The cost is determined by the number of product URLs you want to track.


Listinguish keeps an eye on your competition and helps you sell your goods for the most money. It offers price tracking and optimization, so you can stay on top of developments and trends in your rivals' prices, while also increasing your revenue. This platform has API access and connectors that allow you to get data and add goods from all the platforms you use. The benefits offered by the platform include: 

Determining the lowest and highest price for your goods;

verify that your items are similar to those of your rivals; 

find out how many rivals there are in a marketplace or on an e-commerce site;

price adjustments, sales information and product lists can all be downloaded as spreadsheets;

tracking as many goods as you want without any e-commerce or marketplace restrictions.

Listinguish is a scalable and reliable solution for small and medium businesses, so you can focus on building your e-commerce business. View the origin of a product's prices to see how its price has changed and how much it has sold for in the past. 


Leaflet.js is the most popular open-source JavaScript library for providing mobile-friendly interactive maps. With a simple, easy-to-use interface, it is the perfect solution for all your data management needs. It works well right out of the box on all major platforms and devices. The platform offers the following services:


different visual characteristics;

mobile support;


card operation.

This e-commerce process guard offers a large number of extensions, a beautiful, clean and well-documented API, and simple, readable source code that is a joy to use.


Competera helps traders set and maintain the right pricing. To achieve strategic interests, such as margin growth or productivity improvement, it combines competitive data, rules-based engines and demand-based engines. The platform offers the following services:

demand, cross-impact of items, and more than 20 cost and non-price elements drive elasticity-based compensation values;

Pricing that is consistent, fast and adaptable, with well-defined procedures and a visible cause-and-effect analysis of each price adjustment;

high-quality product enhancement matching and information scraping for any area, denomination and language.

Competera has three main components that can be used together or separately. The price of the platform is determined by the number of SKUs managed, the installation disk and the product configuration.


Another e-commerce price monitoring tool is Pricestack. This tool is suitable for mid-market retailers when it comes to price monitoring. It can precisely predict the highest revenue or most successful price for each of your items using their machine learning techniques and all your store statistics. The platform offers the following services:

recruitment solutions;

price testing metrics;


Pricestack allows you to optimize your prices, provide better service to your customers and respond to changing market conditions. It is the most effective way to manage demand, inventory and cart abandonment.

Qualtrix XM

Qualtrics XM is designed for experience management that promises excellent customer, product, marketing, and staff experiences. The platform offers the following services:

Anyone can design questionnaires using the "drag and drop" functionality;

allows for a high degree of customization

Allows integration with various third-party solutions

changes can be made in real time during live surveys.

Obtaining input from consumers, employees, vendors and partners is the first element in development. Hidden ideas are then found and forwarded to those most qualified to act on the new knowledge using machine learning and artificial intelligence.


PriceLabs is a web-based e-commerce price control tool for vacation and short-term rentals that connects to a variety of PMSs. Vacation Rentals can increase revenue and save time by using a data-driven strategy, automated rules and adjustments to control prices and stay restrictions. The platform offers the following services:

interactive prices;

pricing decisions;


earnings growth; 

hospitality industry.

The PriceLabs dashboard is monitored through market trends on Airbnb and and generates pricing proposals for your short-term rentals. The program examines how demand changes over time, which days or seasons are more popular, and takes into account a variety of variables to help property owners and operators optimize their pricing approach.


Price monitoring tool Dealavo is a good choice for companies and e-commerce businesses that want to combine business data from e-commerce outlets with investment advice to develop opportunities for online pricing, promotions and distribution. The platform offers the following services:

Tracking competitors' prices;

dynamic pricing;

analysis of market data;

price analysis.


The secret to success in web shop ventures is having a good pricing plan and a good understanding of the market. You can focus more on other equally vital business activities once you get started with these price monitoring tools. They help you understand the activity in your company's sector and allow you to optimize your e-commerce marketing strategy to boost sales through offers and discounts when the market dynamics are on the rise.


What is social commerce

They include customer reviews, customer recommendations, forums, website optimization, and setting up ads.

What are the latest trends in ecommerce? 

Good publicity;

Marketing that has become automated;

The use of AI in advertising;

Expanding commerce by adding it to mobile devices;

Virtual reality for products on sites;

Addition of voice search.

what is the most important innovation in e-commerce

Chatbots will be at the forefront of e-commerce trends. 45% of people find this addition very helpful and convenient.

What other trends are there in e-commerce marketing 

In addition to mainstream trends, there are things like local stock advertising, niche markets, vertical markets, and retargeting.

Is it legal to follow market prices 

In the United States, unlike the EU and most other countries in the world, it is perfectly legitimate to market prices.


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