A.I. based longtail growth platform

is measurableCreates new customersDelivers demonstrable results

delivers demonstrable results

SEO is necessary but has a disadvantage: you know what it costs but never what it yields.
That is why we provide Longtail UX: the patented growth platform for really big web shops.

Unlike SEO, this gives very fast and measurable results. This is not a solution for small sites, it is designed for large e-commerce sites and marketplaces with a minimum number of indexed pages of 10,000, a Domain Rating of 50+ and at least ten thousand products. It is platform-independent, has an implementation time of about 2 to 6 weeks, a minimum contract duration of one year and a minimum size.
But we also guarantee measurable SEO results and a positive ROI!

You can also come to us for questions about online implementations, growth and strategic advice.
We have been around in the digital world for a long time and have a broad and varied experience with a diverse team and clients.


Non-brand organic traffic +230%

GraysOnline (www.graysonline.com) is the largest industrial and commercial online auction company in Australia and Asia. For buyers, they offer one of the widest ranges of high-quality business and consumer products online. Because they have a wide range of products, they have many online competitors. With Longtaill UX, they achieved a large increase in new customers in a few months and significantly improved their SEA performance.

Share of new visitors > 50%
Increase in SEO traffic 230%
SEO turnover increase 152%

Founded in 2000 by self-proclaimed "beauty junkie" Kate Morris, Adore Beauty is one of the fastest growing online retailers of cosmetics and beauty products in the world. Over the past four years, Adore Beauty has grown by 625% to reach annual sales of over $100 million. It offers more than 260 cutting-edge beauty brands and is the market leader in allowing women to search and buy their favourite beauty products. With Longtail UX, Adore Beauty reduced acquisition costs while doubling conversion rates.

Increased conversion rate 98%
64% reduction in acquisition costs per customer
Improvement in ROAS 169%

About Longtail UX?

The fastest way to expand your online market share

Longtail UX technology creates LUX Smart Pages on your website that exactly match the site design, look and feel and are seamlessly integrated. We tailor content to individual user intent, creating the perfect customer experience for first-time visitors to your site.


You are CMO, VP Omnichannel or VP e-Commerce
of one of the top 250 shops in the Netherlands?

Call for an orientation meeting

LUX implementations take a few weeks and involve a commitment of at least a year.
It is not cheap, but it is guaranteed to have a positive ROI, which is measurable and therefore demonstrable.

To get an idea if LUX and you are a good match it is good to get acquainted by phone first, after which we make an appointment (online) in which we give a tailor-made presentation
appointment (online) where we give a tailor-made presentation about the impact we can make on your shop.

For an improved customer experience, increased acquisition and retention. Lower acquisition costs and higher returns.


southparc. is currently preparing for the arrival of LUX in Europe in 2022 for.
Until then, agreements are entered into with Longtail UX Pty Ltd.