As you will soon become addicted to the clear and one-view interfaces you might want to share them with you clients or colleagues. And of course thats possible in a way that will not only save, again, a lot of time but also will be comprehensive and

Enhance reporting and save time by automating your reporting process. Select from existing insightful white labeled reports, or create new ones and schedule their automatic distribution to customers and managers.


Metrics that reporting can use:
– conversions
– clicks
– cost/conversion
– impressions
– budget utilization
– cost/click
– total costs
– average position
– landing page status
– quick view conversions & costs

And al the small subsets, combinations or details.


If you wonder what the interface looks like you can use it for free for 24 hrs by following this link. You can hook up your account, all relevant data will be synced and you can use all options except the bid & budget optimizations as they would require a longer period. During the free test you can also see how the reporting is working, what fields to use and how to set up the scheduling. And you’ll find that this option will actually save you tons of time while making sure your stakeholders are properly informed.

After 24 hrs the account is automatically closed and all data is deleted. Would you like to give it a more extensive try you can simply start without any obligation and can stop every month.

budget view