In one view you get all the information on all accounts in an MCC. Through widgets you can add or remove you can create the view that fits best.

By setting the sensitivity you can filter out accounts with little change.  Any period can be set and can be compared to any other period enabling you to tailor the view.

All widgets contain a “see more” option to give a complete overview of all accounts for a certain metric. These metrics can be filtered and viewed by percentage and absolute figures.

If a certain account needs more investigation you can dive into the account level immediately.


Metrics that can be shown are:

– conversions
– clicks
– cost/conversion
– impressions
– budget utilization
– cost/click
– total costs
– average position
– landing page status
– quick view conversions & costs


If you wonder what the interface looks like you can use it for free for 24 hrs by following this link. You can hook up your account, all relevant data will be synced and you can use all options except the bid & budget optimizations as they would require a longer period.

After 24 hrs the account is automatically closed and all data is deleted. Would you like to give it a more extensive try you can simply start without any obligation and can stop every month.