The scale and complexity of AdWords search marketing has come to a point where craftsmanship and computerized rules are not enough anymore to get the best ROI. The next step is to automate at very granular level, bid, budget and campaign optimization by using artificial intelligence* and now that possible.

ZenBid EL is a machine learning* system designed by mathematicians and built by industry experts. It enables advertisers and agencies of all sizes to optimize their campaigns beyond their own skills. It will eliminate the most frustrating tasks associated with managing Adwords accounts and free time for the strategic part of online marketing. Implementation is automated to a large extend , it’s very easy to use and will improve all campaignes with 20-40%.

*Wondering what machine learning actually is? Here is a good explanation.

Automated Campaign & Bid Optimization improves any accounts ROI with 20% and more

Enjoy effortless optimization of your campaigns with easyleads technology. Simply define your goals and preferences and let the easyleads algorithms work for you 24/7. ZenBid EL automated Budget Module smartly allocates funds between campaigns on a daily and monthly basis, attaining the ideal utilization of your advertising budget. ZenBid EL algorithmic Bid Module sets the best bid & bid adjustment for every keyword and placement 24 hours a day and improves total performance.

Join ZenBid EL and manage 5x more accounts.

Use ZenBid EL to set the goals, then let the system do the work for you. Exceptions can be created from scratch using an intuitive builder.

Sample Logics:
– Intraday keyword bid updates (every 30 min.)
– Elimination of competitors’ and fraudulent clicks
– Intelligent budget allocation by the hour and day
– Insertion of effective search terms to your keywords list
– Insertion of ineffective search terms to the negative keywords list
– Pausing low performing ads and ad group
– Adjusting keyword bids to targeted ad position